"A blood pressure exam wasn't exactly on my shopping list that day, but when I saw AAHP giving free screenings at my local supermarket, I lined up for an exam. It was quick and painless-and surprising. A follow-up appointment indicated that I was at risk for cardiovascular disease. Armed with information and support from the AAHP, I took action to quit smoking, improve my diet, and get more exercise. Today, my numbers-and my life-are headed in the right direction."

Other Resources for Cardiovascular Disease

American Heart Association
Telephone: 1-800-242-8721

American Stroke Association
Telephone: 1-888-478-7653

American Heart Association
Internet Address: www.americanheart.org

American Stroke Association
Internet Address: www.StrokeAssociation.org

Black Healthcare.com
Internet Address: www.Blackhealthcare.com

Association of Black Cardiologists
Internet address: www.ABCardio.org